The Dazy Eyes 眼鏡矇矇的






In this perfect mess of a world, there are many choices and many roads to embark upon.

Often we lose sight of where we’re headed, our dazy eyes struggling to focus.

Our perspectives doubted, our vision blurred, we fight back the tears, we wipe away the sweat… only to realize

what stands between us and our dreams could just simply be the by products of our every step forward.

“The Dazy Eyes” wants to open our eyes to new perspectives. Can we really believe what our eyes see? Or is what we see only a small fraction of the truth? If everyone sees a different perspective of the same thing, perhaps nobody is right, and nobody is wrong.

“Spectacle Friend” is a continuation of this song, seeking to put on a pair of glasses untainted by the rules and judgement of the world, as though looking through a child’s eyes. To see the world as it is, unafraid at what it presents itself to be.



說做就做!Just do it!



Track List:
1_ 眼鏡矇矇的
2_ 眼鏡找朋友(demo版)
3_ It’s getting so hard (demo版)


The idea for the EP started innocently enough with Diya coming home one day excitedly showing Carrie a customized spectacle cloth. When Diya excitedly asked if they could perhaps customize their own spectacle cloth as a giveaway in their next album, Carrie coldly replied “What for? Unless the album is titled… ‘The Dazy Eyes'”

Moments like this are precious. There was a connection at the suggestion of writing a song about “The Dazy Eyes” and both felt their hearts leap at the idea. The next two months was a continuous race to have the song/album ready for the “Crazyworld Cafe MusicFest 2012″ on the 31st of March 2012.

Never shared before demos were pulled out, heard and tweaked. Song writing sessions were in place to work out the final tune and the direction of how the song would be. We contacted our good friend and fellow singer Jimmy, who agreed to work on the design of our EP and pieces of the puzzle just started falling in place one after another.

Although the duo never made it to their initial deadline of 31st of March, they had begun a new project and this new project had relit the flame burning in them. This EP represents the spontaneity of The Freshman and their honest perspective towards the bright and colorful world that surrounds them.

Questioning the views of the people around them, why different opinions exist and won’t budge.

Why people believe in what they see but doubt what others see.

And how alluringly familiar yet strange the world can be.

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