Thank You List

It feels like our wedding, and we’re finalizing the guest list. It’s nerve wrecking and gratifying all at the same time because the last thing we want to do is leave out any of you who have helped piece our dream together. The foundation of our dream, this album, was built upon the solid rock of goodwill from so many honest people, musicians, businessman, friends, family and supporters. All of you have given so generously to us your time, money, effort and confidence. 成功与否,我们想用这张专辑来证明好人真的存在!

Alvin, Jenny and Li Juan of iKnow/Aiptek for putting more than just money, but your patience, and your FAITH in us. For not just being clients, but people who believed in our personalities and actually spent time listening to us go on about our aspirations and wacky ideas. Victoria (老香港茶餐厅) and Liping (Ren Ren Travel), for being so willing to help out, without questions, without asking for returns, we never imagined we would be able to find such selfless people in this realistic world. Kevin and Elena of Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) for the chance to have our very own music video!

Keith of Global Music, who first put a roof over our heads and being so wonderful. Richard for always fussing over our every whim and fancy and Amy for her love and wicked sense of humour. Jeff, our 师兄 for being the best 师兄 we could ask for, watching us grow on this journey and never forgetting to show your concern.

Thank you Mr Ngiam for your guidance and help! Ai Ling and Ai Lian for starting work so abruptly and so efficiently!

Keith, JR and Olly of Hide&Seek, for being such real and amazing people in this cruel industry. You guys are real gems. We’re so happy to have FOUND you. Gabriel of Puma, always so busy, always jet-setting but always so ready to let us in to raid your stock for delicious Puma shoes!

Albert Lee and staff of IZ Hair Studio, 谢谢你们的信任,耐心,超强剪刀艺术和无微不至的招待!

To the fanta-bulous Music Team:
林倛玉老師!!! The man we can never thank enough for being such an inspiration to us in so damn-many-ways. For being the soul of this album, for giving us the freedom to exercise our musical ideal, for bringing together such a power-packed team of music boys and girls, for being our friend, our teacher, our producer, our late night entertainer. For going OUT OF THE WAY in everyway possible to make this all possible! ARGH. JIM! 我们爱你!!! (失控了!我们会’以声’相许!)

Desmond and Cindy for tolerating with our crazy recording schedules and our camping habits. David Tan for that crazy recording session! Guimin for your amazing sincerity and heartfelt songs, for always being ready to help! Xiaohan, for writing us 逞强 amidst your busy schedule. 你的词写出了我们的心声!To our vocal teacher 張泛老師, 謝謝你不計酬勞地幫助我們! To every musicians involved, it’s an honor to work with you! Thank you!

To the crazi-licious Creative Team:
The visual brains and inspiration behind the album design, and everything else you see here! Stefen, Huiyi, Lin Wei, 亚瑟 , Martin Heng, Vanessa Ban, Sally, Edward, Edgar, dear weiwei and Naoki. We’ve been blessed with an international team put together purely based on friendships and chance encounters. We hope that this album will be the beginning of our frienship. Thank you guys, you’ve been amazing. And sorry about the crazy timelines!

To Friends from high places:
To Mono, Shun, JenLaw, Hsu Lin, Jing, Lin hui, Zeezee, Nini, Pin Chun, GiaChee, Manda, Xiaowei, Huiwen, Han Joo, Xing Ang, Peeks, Sam, Rebecca, Adryan, Felicia, Huishan, 小熊, Pp, Edgar, Flo, Sandy, Hweech, Angelia, Zinkie Aw, Xinhui, Jaye, Serene Tham, Lingual! Your late nights, encouraging smses, unconditional love, your ‘yes’ to our requests. THANK YOU.

Raymond(Clover Salon), Mr Tan, Siew Yan, Dawn, Xiao Ray, Shenzi, Kheng Long & Tingting, Kewei, Wei Xiang(组合名字发起人), Poh Chun Leck, Lim Peifen, Chong Qing, Uncle David, Wenhai, Bro Chor Meng, Jazreel, Yunying, Yuneng, Cuifang and Nat Ho. For your time, your friendship, your support, your trust in us as singers. THANK YOU!

From Cee to Suyi and Ming-jie: It means so much to me that you are IN this album too. Thank you for the wonderful lyrics that you wrote, for your reassurance, for advising on every lyrics, for being the pillar of support, for allowing me to run to you with every complaint, every little small piece of good and bad news. For being my companion and my inspiration in music all these years. Love you!!

From Dee to Kinkies: I still cannot believe how important your friendship became to me. How one trip after 4 years of non-contact in school made such an impact to me. I love you all very much, and I couldn’t have gotten through all these without you. Chong Waiyin and Mono Quek, you two have seen me through the lowest periods of my life, watched over me like sisters and gave me the chance to experience such unconditional friendship. I walk every step knowing I have you girls behind me. I am blessed.

To Alvin, our dearest Naiba: We love you. For you first loved us and believed in us. Thank you for your patience, your silliness, for how cute you are, how naggy you can be, how amazingly pretty you can make us look, how unconditional your love has been for us. You were there at the beginning of this journey, taking care of us. We hope one day, we can do the same for you.

To our media friends:
Huishi, Mary, Jiahui and Immelda of 93.3FM for the airwave support, for believing in our music! We’ll make it! Ah Ken of 1003UFM for not just your support and friendship, but your initiative and enthusiasm to help us with marketing ideas! Lina of 88.3Jia FM, for your friendship, your advice and because we know you will play our song incessantly on air soon. Haha!

To our first family in this industry: Yong Hwa姐, Xiong Qiang, Glenn, Alfred O.M.G, Cindy姐, Wen Cong and the rest of the Superstar team. We hope to do you proud!

To our lovely churchies:
Kevin, Esther and the lambs, Yilin and Dani Yoshimura, Roanna, Yizhen, Helena, Melanie & Darren, Frances & Jimmy, Lebby, Jon Wong, Pastor Mark & Aunty Janet, Quany, Eng kwang, Ivan, Uncle David Choo, Uncle Danny and family, and all you warm hearted God-loving people of Church of Singapore(Balestier). For your prayers, for being the cushion to fall upon, for always being there, for reminding us constantly to fix our eyes on God. 我们是一家人!

To our dearest family:
Could we ever forget the people we are most attached to, in every way possible? Our families have extended through to each other’s family over these 4 years. And that is the most amazing thing that came out of this journey. We’ve gained more than just friendship but kinship as well. Thank you for the way you’ve opened the doors of not just your houses, but your hearts to the two of us!

Father and Mother Yeo for your enthusiasm, your crazy antics, your unraveled support and your amazing love. Especially to Father Yeo, for being the world’s best media watch. Mother Yeo, to bird’s nest! LOVE YOU!!
Father and Mother Tan, for every morning’s 爱心汤. For the nagging that keeps us grounded, for your prayers, for your blessings, for your patience and your unconditional love.
Cee> To my siblings, remember back when the 3 of us will record Sound of Music on cassette tape? Now, I’m making a real ALBUM!!! Gosh, thanks for being there with me all the time, Rou for singing with me. and Hau for listening with me. LOVE YOU!
Dee> Kor, for being the biggest musical influence in my childhood life. And Sulinn, for completing him. :)
Cee> Waipo who comes down from Melaka to watch my shows. LOVE YOU!!!
Dee> My Popo. I still miss you and still dream of you. You would be proud of me. I know you would. I love you. I miss you. I want to sing for you.

To our Ee and Un Ho, for always being so concerned, for being at our performances, for loving us so. Uncle B.B and Aunty Mei, for always being so proud of us, for believing in us.

Dear Faridah, for tolerating our mess and coping with our psychotic last minute “Faridah~did you see my blue jeans??” rants.

Sigh… How do we thank Da Da Jie enough? We can’t. We can only love you A LOT! See, you are under family category leh! * wink *

Last but most importantly: Our Father in Heaven, for being the anchor of our lives. For being the pivot of our partnership, the truth and the guiding light to our path. This journey would be meaningless without You and we dedicate this album to You and ask that You continue to work through us to inspire and to live a life that glorifies and is pleasing to you.

You are the CEO of this album and our lives. “Your glory goes beyond all fame.” Amen.

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