Thank You List (The Dazy Eyes)

We promise this won’t be as long as the previous thank you list, it’ll be longer.

*coughs nervously*

We’re going to start off with our Heavenly Father above, the reason the birds sing and the wind blows, the reason these fingers of mine can type with such agility and speed and the reason we sing.

Our beloved family who have been our solid rock, teaching us to be humble, to be happy and simply for loving us. For clothing us, for feeding us, for praying for us, for worrying for us, for teaching us, for tolerating us, for missing us, for believing in us, for waiting for us… this list could go on. We love you so so much.

Our esteemed producer, teacher and friend, Jim 林倛玉. I don’t think we can ever thank you enough for believing in us, for tolerating our nonsense, for patiently listening to our input, for continuously watching out for us and encouraging us. For making this happen, for making us happen. Thank God for you.

Our sponsors, not just any sponsors. But amazing people who have so often extended that helping hand without questions asked. Sponsor companies with amazing people whom we’ve worked with and grown to love so much. We are thankful.

Yesstyle.com for being there right from the very first album! We love your clothes. We’d love to own them all. Can we, Please? (Ok, maybe just one brand? Redopin?) Thank you Cheryl, for not forgetting us, for supporting The Freshman along the way and keeping us in mind. We feel supported, and more importantly we feel loved.

Mee Mee Optics Aunty Joyce! Thank you for being such a blessing to us. Chatting to us like we’re your daughters, and keeping us in your prayers. Thank you for the cute spectacles that currently reside on Diya’s nosebridge and the spectacle cloth that resides in everyone of the 《眼鏡矇矇》EPs that are making their way around the globe today. We really love how easy-going and warm you are. It’s like you GLOW!

IZ studio’s Albert, 沒有你那麼不計較的愛護和…修護我們的頭髮(和頭皮)我們應該就得把團體的名字改稱“披頭散髮二人組”. Thank you for taking care of us, and having such a lovely bunch of hair stylists who take good care of us when we’re there.

Cheol Bu. You rock :P

TOPSHOP! The reason we don’t appear naked on the album cover. Thank you bosom, I mean AWESOME Sheryl. Believing in us, supporting us and helping us make it happen. You really are very very awesome. Thank you Anny and Melanie for your patience with us and your passion towards fashion(wow! that rhymes!). We enjoy every single styling session with you girls.. next time, please schedule it for 5 hours. :P

Alvin of iKnow, you were the reason The Freshman were able to have their first album. The one big spark that made us realize it was a possibility. We haven’t given up, and we haven’t forgotten! Thank you!

Lijuan, thank you for being one of the very first few to take an interest in us. To take time out to listen to our stories and to link us up with sponsors who have such big hearts. Thank you.

Ngak, ever since “Polaroid” we’ve totally been taken by your arrangements. It’s like sea wind(plus some sea water) in our faces while surfing, it’s like buying a dream house that comes with a hidden beer fridge. It’s got surprises and things we never expected. Thank you MAN.

TONY! Teacher, Counsellor, Friend, Shepherd. You are light of the world, father of THREE, husband of ONE(but of course.haha!), smart, funny, helpful, passionate, musically inspiring. You keep it alive! Everything you come in contact with, you keep it alive. Thank you for being such a integral part of our musical journey. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

James! Thank you for being so trustworthy, for being honest with us, helping us to grow and always being there for us when we need you.

Rebecca Poet Toh, for loving The Freshman from day 1. Helping us without even really knowing what we could do, and helping us even after knowing how incredibly difficult we can be. Those “1..ah…2….ah..wait………3… *click*” moments, which translated into such incredible pictures. For always being ready to jump to our rescue. Thank you for still being around. :)

The LIKES COMMUNICATION team of 3. Little Ng, Little Bear, Little Frog. Powerpuff girls who come together and make things happen. Although we get on your nerves sometimes, your love for us means you stick around helping us tie up loose ends and making sure we have it all covered. Thank you for loving The Freshman. Thank you for not giving up on The Freshman. We love you girls and we hope you can LETYOURPOWERSCOMBINE.com(順便打一下廣告.) and make the difference we believe you can make.

Dearest Eggciting Eight, for always acting randomly like children when we get together, splashing our days with even more color. Always there for a rant or a whine and even a much needed pat on the back. Many battles, we enter knowing we’ve got you to watch out backs.

Our sisters in church! Whatsapp prayer warriors, always so funny, always so joyful… always there reminding us of his goodness and grace! Producing unbelievably cute children whose funny antics and conversations make loving them so easy!

The Rock Records team: Mr Ngiam, thank you for taking us under your wings for opening your door always for us to enter and ask a million questions and seek advice. For being… so endearing. Ailian and Ailing, our dearest managers who we always feel so 心疼 for because you all live like 仙女. But you girls really are our 仙女’s. Thank you for loving us.

There are so many more we have to thank, and we’re sure we’ve missed out some. But don’t worry, we’ll have more albums… there will be many more opportunities. YEAH!