Songshan Cultural Park 松山文创園區

Songshan Cultural Park 松山文创園區


This place used to be a tobacco plant. Heritage site. Ok, I shall leave it to wiki to tell you about the history of the place.

“The park was initially constructed in 1937 as a tobacco factory under the name Songshan Tobacco Plant of the Monopoly Bureau of the Taiwan Governor”s Office under the Japanese government. After the handover of Taiwan to China in 1945, the Taiwan Provincial Monopoly Bureau took over the factory and renamed it as the Songshan Tobacco Plant of the Taiwan Provincial Monopoly Bureau. In 1947, the plant was renamed again as Songshan Tobacco Plant of the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Bureau.[3]
The factory ceased to produce cigarettes in 1998 for concern over urban planning, tobacco and liquor marketing regulatory changes and the decline in tobacco demand.
In 2001, the Taipei City Government designed the defunct tobacco factory as Taipei”s 99th historic site and converted it into a park comprising city-designated historic sites, historical structures and architectural highlights. Together with Taipei Dome, the site is known as Taipei Cultural and Sporting Complex.
For more efficient reuse of space, in 2011 the former factory was turned into a creative park by its current name to provide venues for diverse cultural and creative exhibitions and performances.”
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So those are the facts. Now, on to what we like about that place.

The 誠品 there has a 黑膠唱片 section!!!!! You can pick out some records and they can play it for you, which REALLY makes you want to impulsively buy a set of record player and sound system back home! But yah, it”s very expensive, so we settled to just pretending that we want to buy and enjoy a few songs. haha! I would totally recommend picking out something VERY emo and old like Neil Diamond. or Nina Simone.

Also, there is a 創意市集 on level 2. You will find locally designed clothing, stationery, home decor, etc.

Take the Banqiao Line (Blue) to the Taipei City Hall Station, and take Exit 1 (with stairs) or Exit 2 (with escalators) and walk for about 400m to Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road.

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