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The Dazy Eyes《眼鏡矇矇的》

Track List:
1_ 眼鏡矇矇的
2_ 眼鏡找朋友(demo版)
3_ It’s getting so hard (demo版)

Along with the CD, you’ll receive a spectacle cloth. A solution to your Dazy Eyes!


Here’s how you can purchase:

1) Order via Email (Only for Singaporeans who are paying via bank transfer) 電郵訂購(只限新加坡)

Please make payment $10.80 each CD (please add $2.50 for Registered Article) to DBS Savings Plus 070-2-010367 (bank code:7171, branch code:070). Together with a screenshot or picture of proof of transaction, email us at thefreshmanager@gmail.com with the subject “Order: The Dazy Eyes” and the following order form (copy and paste the following):

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Address:
  • Tel:
  • Quantity:
  • Shipping method: Normal or Registered
  • Country:
  • Bank Transaction id
  • Bank account number and nick
2) Order via Paypal or Credit Cards (Accepts International orders) 信用卡或Paypal付款方式(接受國際訂單)

For Regular Mail (Singapore orders only) 普通郵件(新加坡訂單):


For Registered Mail (Singapore and International Orders) 掛號郵件(國際訂單):

Please select your country at the dropdown list below and click on “Buy Now“.
Note that you don’t need a Paypal account to use this option. You will be directed to a Paypal shopping cart where you can pay using your credit card without having to log in. The price stated below are inclusive of Postage cost (based on per CD weight). When you are directed to the Paypal site, you will notice an additional SGD2.50 for registration of parcel. There will be no normal mail option for overseas order because this EP is very precious to The Freshman and we want to prevent mail loss! Thank you!

只需選擇您的國家,按下“Buy Now”的按鈕即可!您不需擁有paypal帳號,可以在paypal的網站上用信用卡付款。而您所看到不同國家的不同價格是包含了國際郵費(因為CD是從新加坡寄出)。當您被轉到Paypal的網站時,您會看到還有一個”Postage Charge“那是掛號郵件的費用。因為EP對插班生來說很寶貴,為了防止郵件遺失,國際郵件還是都用掛號信的方式寄出。謝謝!


If your country is not listed here, please email us at thefreshmanager@gmail.com so that we can advise you on the postage charges. Thank you!


3) Retail

You can also get our album exclusively at CrazyWorld Cafe!
We strongly encourage you to reserve the album at CrazyWorld first, before making your way down.

Tel: 6223 7553
Add: 24 Temple Street, Singapore 058569

Opening Hours:

Mon : Rest Day
Tues: 6pm to 10pm
Wed – Thu : 12pm to 10pm
Fri – Sat : 12pm to 11:30m
Sun  : 12pm to 10pm

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