My Favorite Cafe – Nido Cafe

My Favorite Cafe – Nido Cafe

Nido Cafe (巢)
near City Hall 市政府 station and 松山文创

In my opinion, this place serves the best coffee in Taipei. Taiwanese seemed to like their coffee more milky, which makes it very hard to taste the coffee! I was sooo glad to find this place, because their cafe latte is very rich and aromatic! Apart from the coffee, their cheese cake is very good! The one in the picture is blueberry cheese cake. It’s the Japanese type of soft cheesecake. They have another cheese cake called 起司揹著起司蛋糕, it has 2 different type of cheesecake layered – raw cheesecake and baked cheesecake.

The atmosphere is very zen-ish, which also means it’s suuuper quiet. It takes some adjusting for us since we are.. ermm.. noisy. So I’m not so into the atmosphere. But if you allow yourself to just sit into the pace and quietness, it’s actually very nice. You can focus on the taste of your coffee or tea. yumyum!

You can read more about it here.
And here’s is their facebook page – Nido.

10, Alley 22, Lane 553, Zhongxiao East Road Section 4, Taipei
Hours: 2:00pm ~ 12:00am (closed on 6th, 16th and 26th of the month)
Tel: 02-2753-4402

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