Life Experiment 101 人生實驗課

《人生實驗課》這張獨立製作的專輯,充分展現了《插班生》勇於嘗試的個性。在歷時一年的製作過程中,製作人林倛玉老師找來了幾位“插班生”Ngak黃星魁同學(第一次嘗試編曲),Victor Tang 和 Nic Lee(第一次發表作品)等,來參與專輯製作團隊。專輯封面由專業紀實攝影師Stefen Chow攝製、廣告藝術總監Martin Heng 和在倫敦設計學生Vanessa Ban設計,而兩人都是首次參與音樂專輯製作。 《插班生》也參與了專輯製作的每一個環節,從專輯概念,詞曲創作到整體創意構思。因此,《人生實驗課》可說是非常個人的專輯,是一張完全反映了她們心思、情緒和想法的誠意之作。專輯裡10首歌的歌詞,就有9首由兩人執筆創作,另外,陳迪雅也交出了一首詞曲創作。

the Freshman “dares to experiment” and their independently produced album takes on this theme. Life Experiment 101 spanned one year in the making, with the duo mustering all the help they could get from “freshmen” to the music industry – the cover of the album was shot by professional photographer Stefen Chow and designed by creative director Martin Heng and art student Vanessa Ban, all of whom, you guessed it, have never worked on albums before. The girls were heavily involved in all aspects of production from its creative direction, to song composition and lyrics-writing. Thus, Life Experiment 101 is a highly personal piece of work that regales their emotions and head-on experiences in life, with lyrics to nine of the 10 songs penned by the duo, and one song composed by Diya.

專輯找來《插班生》最喜愛和崇拜的本地知名音樂人林倛玉擔任音樂總監。林倛玉為《插班生》量身譜寫了兩首歌曲,其中一首就是動感十足的第一主打《人生實驗課》和唯美動人的《太透明》。第二主打《逞強》則由柯貴民作曲、小寒作詞,而輕快樸實的第三主打《小動作》是由Victor Tang和林倛玉作曲,《插班生》和兩位圈外好友聯手作詞。

Life Experiment 101 is produced by Jim Lim, renowned local musician and the Freshman’s favourite local song-writer/producer. He too rallied a bunch of friends to work on this project – some of them freshies and some veterans in the industry, but even the veterans found the freshmen in them while doing this. Jim tailored two songs for the girls, one of which have been used as their main plug – the ecstatic Life Experiment 101 (人生实验课). Their second and third plugs are songs A Strong Front (逞强), composed by Kevin Quah and written by Xiaohan, and a sweet, folksy ballad entitled Little Gestures (小动作) composed by Victor Tang and written by the girls.


On producing Life Experiment 101, Jim said, “The production and final result of this project is quite unlike the other commercial albums you find in the market. So many people came together for this, people with different backgrounds and from all walks of life, but connected by a passion for music. We had seasoned guitarists venturing into song writing and music arrangement to friends who were holding office jobs live out their dreams of lyric-writing. Everyone chipped in to make this party happen.”

《插班生》非常感激大家所給予她們的協助,希望聽眾可以從中體會並把握世界上的各種機遇,而不要讓生活留白。 《插班生》說:“製作這張專輯對我們來說是一個全新的體驗,每天早上起來是心裡總是有一絲的恐懼,卻更因為生活在音樂創造的過程中而感到興奮。我們是音樂領域的插班生,希望能把插班生對新生活的憧憬,貫徹到我們的生活和音樂中,選擇那些不平凡的道路,去觀察和體驗生命的各種小細節。”

the Freshman is grateful for all the help they have received and hopes listeners can experience their wonderment in the possibilities in this world, where life is more than going through the motions. “This album has been a whole new experience for us, waking up every morning fearful and yet excited about what the journey holds. We are a freshman to this industry and we hope to embody a freshman’s readiness towards our lives and our music, to embark on the less-travelled paths to observe and experience for ourselves the intricacies that life holds,” said the Freshman.

You can listen to our songs here. If you would like to purchase a copy, please email us at thefreshmanager@gmail.com.