About an episode on Law and Order SVU

About an episode on Law and Order SVU

Hello. My name is Carrie and I”m a TV addict.

I watch A LOT of tv dramas. Ask Diya. She will shake her head and sigh.
One series that I”m very addicted to is Law and Order SVU. Actually I started watching season 14 (YAH! currently they are showing season 15!! So many seasons right? STILL GOOD!), then I watched season 15 and now i”m moving backwards, season 13, 12, 11, 10…

Last night while on the plane to Chengdu, I watched episode 17 about a former African child refugee whose throat is slashed, and SVU connects the case to two former Ugandan war criminals–one a ruthless killer, the other a sympathetic former child soldier trying to change his life. I was very affected by the child soldier part. If you want to watch, it”s episode 17.

Doesn”t it sound very far away? Child soldier. Sounds like a plot. Or something that happened a long time ago. But crazily, it”s happening now. 這些把搶放進小孩手中的是人嗎? It”s a surprise we are not all gathering our efforts to solve this world”s worst problem. What is worse than taking away the soul of children, and forcing them to do devil”s work?

This blog started out wanting to point out the irony of this world. While we complain and whine about our public transport system and weather, an estimated 300,000 boys and girls are currently trained for combat or used as porters, spies or sex slaves around the world. Then I started to google and research about it, looking to see how you and I can help.

There”s a very high profile organisation, which used creativity and media to gain awareness about the child soldier crisis – http://invisiblechildren.com/. Three young guys in Southern California bought a used camera on eBay and make a decision that scares their parents: They’re going to a war-torn area of Africa to capture what they see, but they don’t have a plan. Nor much money. And they’ve never done anything like it before. They never thought that they would get the world”s attention on the child soldier issue. It”s very inspiring. But to balance this off, I searched for criticism to get a real sense and found some criticism for their work, mostly saying that they are oversimplifying a very complex issue. But hey, at least they are doing something about it right? They got a score of 54.23 (out of 70) on Charity Navigator, a charity watch group.

On the other hand, a seemingly more down-to-earth organisation International Rescus Committee got a score of 65.35 (out of 70). So I am putting my money there. If you are interested, please visit http://www.rescue.org/child-soldiers to understand more and also to read about what IRC is doing to help. (At the donate page, the country field only has a choice of Canada or United States, but it”s ok. I just input anyhow address and with my Singapore UOB card, it went through. )

One day… not today, but one day… I really want to be of real help. Today, I can only pray for those children and donate some money so that those people in IRC can provide actual help.

Wah, this is a very 沈重 blog post. Sorry lah! But I was really affected by that episode and wanted to share how I feel. Keeping it real right? Life is not always warm and fuzzy one.. haha.

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