Instagram trick – Adding line breaks!

After years of using Instagram…. I’VE FINALLY FOUND THE SOLUTION FOR LINE BREAK THAT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have the same issue as me? I have lots to say on the photo caption / description sometimes and it just looks so much better in paragraphs.

I tried typing on Notes and copying them over. FAIL!

I tried typing on Facebook and copying them over. FAIL!

I tried adding punctuations to form a line. FAIL!

I tried entering “return” twice. FAIL!

I tried entering “return” 3 times. FAIL!

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, after much researching on the internet, I found a solution – leaving a space before your last punctuation mark of the para!!!

An example is..

As a part of “Project 50 For 50″, we have been roped in as Junior Changemakers and are helping 2 Changemakers (Michelle Chow and Eve Pek) raise their targeted amount for 2 charities – Singapore Association of Mental Health and Autism Association (Singapore) .
Join us as we spend an evening celebrating the season at a specially prepared fund-raising Christmas sing-along showcase !


See the space before the punctuations?

I know that space drives some designers crazy… I irks me too. But I value the line break more than that space.

Super geek talk. Ok thanks bye!

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