一個擁有動感卻細膩的聲線,一個感性帶點沙啞的演繹style,放在一起卻是另一種魅力。 大概只有聽過她們的歌,感受過她們的現場表演才會真正明白。

2007年新加坡新傳媒電視台舉辦的《絕對Superstar 2》,兩人各拿下了冠亞軍。因為覺得兩個人一起玩音樂比較好玩,就湊在一起。秉持有話直說的創作初衷,抱著追夢的勇氣,攜手組成『插班生』踏上音樂旅途。畢業之前,Carrie被新傳媒選中投入新傳媒電視劇演出,期間演唱了多首連續劇主題曲。

迪雅自大學畢業期間便積極創作,除了扎實的唱功,更在樂器的學習上多加著墨!賽後以《絕對Superstar 2》冠軍之姿代言 SONY WALKMAN。09年,代表新加坡參加台灣《超級星光大道PK賽》。


屁股癢癢的她們一下抒情、一下動感、一下調皮、一下認真。 2012年,插班生再次出擊,獨立發行了全新單曲《眼鏡矇矇的》。憑著《眼鏡矇矇的》,在《新加坡e樂大賞2013》拿下第一個獎項-《最佳本地作詞》。


A dollop of optimism coupled with a dash of spontaneity.
At the break of dawn, the fading of dusk, it is their voices you hear.
For in their music, in knowing them, you find someone else there. It is your self.

Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya make up the Freshman. The girls met in 2007 at the audition for “Project Superstar II”, a nation-wide singing talent search competition organised by Mediacorp Pte Ltd, and emerged the top two winners of the female category. Forging a friendship in their rivalry, they continued their dogged pursuit in their common dream – singing.

Carrie left her nine to five job as a marketing executive to sign on to Mediacorp as an artiste. She then acted in, and sang theme songs and sub-theme songs for Mediacorp dramas. In 2008, upon a chance listening of Carrie’s demo, local director Royston Tan picked her to sing the theme song of his movie “12 Lotus”.

Diya, as the female champion for “Project Superstar II”, was endorsed by SONY WALKMAN. She signed on with Mediacorp as an artiste, and was given opportunities to sing theme songs and sub-theme songs for Mediacorp dramas. In 2009, Diya was chosen as one of the Singapore representatives who went to Taiwan for the PK rounds of the popular “One Million Star” singing competition.

Gifted with boundless energy and a knack for experimentation, the girls have now combined forces to become the Freshman. the Freshman aim to inspire through their honest and sincere brand of music, and launched their debut album Life Experiment 101 in September 2010.